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Beta 1.3.10

Here should come all intermediate software image builds

Beta 1.3.10

Postby hop » Sun Nov 13, 2011 2:27 am

[Update: 22.11.2011] ... 1.3.10.nuf

* Vtuner:
- Fixed socket leaking

- Fixed sending ALL audio tracks to the client
- Add channel description for DLNA config
- Scan: fixed parsing AC3 audio channels
- Scan: fixed scan crash when no service name was set
- Added "strict spec mode" which disables support for Range: header ignoration
- Allow tuner sleeping if no client is connected
- Fixed scanning filtering support

* System:
- PID filter driver speed optimization
- Fixed sat postion internet update

Known bugs:
- Not implemented: DLNA config filters (70% done)
- Not implemented: full position scan

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Re: Beta 1.3.10

Postby hop » Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:32 am

Please check current beta (1.3.10), especially DLNA mode.

We need to check if all works as expected.

FYI there is dlna server extended to allow multiaccess support. But multiacces
is limited to 1 for now, so it should work as before (only one client in time).
We need to know if that new code not breaks anything there (we, of course,
did some alfa testing ourself, so don't worry about it, it should work :) )

Thanx for any feedback (positive or negative)

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